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Wings Learning Community

English Learning and Culture Experience

Wings Learning Community

English Learning and Culture Experience

Wings Learning Community

English Learning and Culture Experience

Study English with expert teachers at WLC.

Harry S. Truman


Reader's Club

1:1 Premium English Coaching


  1. Develop a lifelong English READING HABIT.
  2. Coaching to encourage THINKING while reading.
  3. Improve writing skills as appropriate to the student’s level.


Step 1: Foundation 2 months

Ensure proper reading posture.

Reading without head movement; only the eyes should move.

Reading aloud with good volume.

Keeping track of reading time per page.

Step 2: Visualizing 2 months

Reading and visualizing the scene that comes to mind with simple drawings or /and written summaries. “What is happening in this reading?”

Step 3: Connecting T-S

Connecting TEXT to SELF.    “How does this reading apply to me and my life?”

Step 4: Connecting T-W

Connecting TEXT to the WORLD.  “How does this reading apply to the world around me?”

Step 5: Connecting T-T

Connecting TEXT to TEXT.  “How does this reading apply to things I already know or have read before?”

Step 6: Challenger

“What can I do with my reading?”

At this stage, a reader should be able to determine in what direction their reading should continue.

Does the reader want to be a writer? 

Does the reader need to focus on a specific type of reading to further their goals? Does the reader need to transition to writing in order to further develop the aptitudes which have been gained in steps 1 through 5?

WLC great coaches are here to support you. 

Step 7: Brilliant Writer

With the help of professional writers, at this stage, programs can be tailored to precisely what the learner wants to achieve.


Applicants must be:

-able to read at or above the [ I Can Read Level 2 ] 


-in Elementary grade 2 or higher

Class Schedule

The following will depend on age and maturity:

  • 20mins. /30mins. /40mins. per class
  • Twice a week  [ Step1 Foundation – Step 5 Connection Text to Text ]
  • Once a week  [ Step 6 Challenger – Step 7 Brilliant Writer ]


After the applicant’s initial consultation, WLC will determine and inform you about your child’s Lexile index and suitable English book level.

WLC will recommend a selection of textbooks. The learner browses and chooses the books which match their interests.


All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Step 1 – Step 5 : twice per week

20 minutes –$20

30 minutes – $30

40 minutes – $40

Step 6 & 7 : once per week

Step 6

30 minutes – $45

40 minutes – $60

Step 7

30 minutes –$60

40 minutes –$80



Reader's Club Consultation