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English Learning and Culture Experience

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English Learning and Culture Experience

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English Learning and Culture Experience

"Good guardianship is a key factor for success when studying in Canada"

Taking Flight Guardianship

“Taking Flight” is the name of our guardianship program, through which we offer a variety of support services to Asian students who attend a school in Kelowna, B.C. From the initial pre-trip planning to graduation, we can be there every step of the way.

What is a guardian? A guardian not only acts as a legal representative on paper but also communicates with the teachers, assists in adjusting to school life, and takes care of small things throughout the child’s life in the overseas setting. In addition, some guardians – such as WLC – act as a bridge to communicate with parents in Korea. In the case of an unaccompanied minor (a child who comes without a parent), a guardian must be assigned to study in Canada.

Key Services We Provide:

As your child’s guardian, we can help with school and Visa applications, finding accommodations and their day-to-day needs, while helping deepen their English skills through ongoing coaching and mentorship. Our services include:

  • Finding and choosing a school in Kelowna, B.C.
  • Arranging accommodations including a homestay placement
  • Booking flights and other travel
  • Act as an advisor when choosing school programs
  • Participating in parent- teacher interviews
  • Arranging extracurricular activities (e.g., music, soccer, Taekwondo, events, etc.)
  • Providing an allowance
  • Updating parents weekly by email or phone (or more frequently if desired)
  • Act as a parent in an emergency
  • Organizing a tutor if extra academic help is needed


Guardian fees vary depending on the type of services required. Please Contact Us  to learn more.

Why Choose WLC for Guardianship?

✔ Full care and support services

✔ Personalized attention and guidance

✔Direction communicationwith parents in Korean language (school  district guardians will NOT provide this)

✔ Family business that provides family-like support for students

Essential factors to consider when choosing a guardian

1- Be fluent in multiple languages

Language fluency is the most critical point. Consider the case of an unexpected accident. Suppose you need emergency measures or conversations with medical staff in the hospital. You will understand what we are saying.

2- Personality

A person who enjoys communication and communicates with the locals without hesitation will foster and strengthen the friendship opportunities for your child and make school life more enjoyable.

3- Experience

Having intimate knowledge of the area and a vast network of locals will make a massive difference in how much your child can enjoy the advantages of life in Canada. In addition, the challenges facing a young student living in Canada can be understood, empathized with, and problem-solved. Challenges originating from cultural differences MUST be effectively managed with the guidance and assistance of a well-experienced guardian to broaden the child’s understanding of other cultures.

The Taking Flight guardians have the unique experience of being:

  • a Canadian and Korean couple.
  • The Canadian grew up in Kelowna and has a vast local network and knowledge of local people and features. The Canadian guardian also lived and worked in Korea for 20 years.
  • The Korean grew up in Korea and has lived in Canada since 2020.

Professionally qualified and experienced

4- Accessible and clear communication with Korean parents

WLC guardians have extensive experience in the education field. Additionally, they are very aware of the cultural differences between Korea and Canada. All of these factors will result in optimal child care.